• Turtlbrdr

    After adding the Cherry page some weeks ago, I thought that I had done a pretty good job at reasoning that Cherry was a girl. However at least one user has disagreed with me, changing all of the effeminate pronouns I put in to masculine ones. Rather than be angry about it, I've decided to try and determine this once and for all, for this wiki and for my own references for my story.


    • During the OVA(at least) she is refered to by feminine honorific -chan. Last time I checked this was used exclusively for females, unless the rule is different for animals.

    • During episode 20, at about 19:15 Yutaka pets Cherry in a very specific way. A way that wouldn't be possible or would be very awkward if she did it with a male.

    Anyone have any contradictions…

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  • Turtlbrdr

    Quotes pages?

    January 27, 2010 by Turtlbrdr

    As more episodes are cataloged and along with their respective quotes, I was thinking that it might be good to start making pages for the quotes of Lucky Star's characters.

    For example, On Konata's character page would be a link to a quotes page that would feature quotes by and/or about Konata.

    I kind of got the idea from the Halo wiki, specifically this page here..., at the bottom of the page, under the sources heading, is a small box with a link that will take you to the quotes page.

    So, anybody for it?

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  • Turtlbrdr

    If any of you watch the wikia, and specifically the Konata Izumi page. You may or may not be aware that around 10am CST the Konata Izumi page of our wikia was attacked. The unregistered user at IP, replaced Konata's name in the 'about Konata' section with the name "Rosa" and replacing several other names as well.

    I would motion to ban this particular user, or protect our wikia pages from unregistered users so that we can retain the integrity of Lucky Star Wiki.

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  • Turtlbrdr

    I was wondering if we should begin to add locations to the Lucky Star Wiki. I ask this since Lucky Star uses a lot of real-life locations and more-over regular and reoccuring locations, it might be possible to catalog the locations in the anime as well as their real-life counterparts.

    Over the past several days I have been using google earth, and several pictures of from a collection that some one built up of the actual LS locations, and I have mapped out quite a few; including the Izumi household, and Ryouou High School. I "bookmarked" them and I'm going to use them for the writing of my fanfic story Lucky Hearts, and asking through author's notes that people could contact me by email for the collection.

    However, would this data be usefull …

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