To Each Her Own
MinamixYutaka Episode 18
Hiyori picturing Yutaka and Minami in a yuri scene.
Episode 18
Air Date August 5, 2007
Previous Episode Base of the Sun
Next Episode There is Substance in 2-D
Lucky Star Episode

To Each Her Own is the eighteenth episode of the Lucky Star anime.

Plot SummaryEdit

Main PlotEdit

Konata has a conversation with Miyuki and finds out her eyesight is about 20/200, meaning she has very bad eyes. Miyuki reveals a myriad of things that can improve eyesight, but she has never tried any of them. Kagami continues to try and make Konata read light novels, which greatly annoys her. Later, Kagami gets on Konata's case about how she never uses her cell phone, and is only wasting money on the money access fee. Hiyori invites Yutaka, Minami, and Patricia to her house, and while Hiyori goes to get drinks, Patricia finds Hiyori's sketchbook, greatly embarrassing her, especially when she gets to the recent sketches of Minami and Yutaka together in a yuri pairing.

Lucky ChannelEdit

In Lucky Channel, the six remaining Lucky Star girls are all introduced. Akira is appalled that with all these new girls making debuts, she hasn't managed to make an appearance in the show yet, and continues to complain as Minoru Shiraishi squeezes in a text message to his mom.


  • "Oh, God! I've got to stop drawing my friends like this! I'm such a pervert!" - Hiyori Tamura


  • When Konata talks about raincoats and galoshes to Tsukasa and Kagami, Akira Kogami is shown with a raincoat in Konata's mind. It is mentioned again in Lucky Channel by Minoru Shiraishi
  • Tsukasa is seen reading Lagoon Engine
  • During the conversation of Konata and Nanako, there is a "fight" anime scene where both Konata and Nanako are in chibi mecha's debating about animes and studying. The chibi mecha's look similar to the mecha's from Full Metal Panic!. This is also a reference to the Super Robot Taisen series.

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