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Maybe we could put this in a Trivia category, but the word "Kagami" means "mirror" in Japanese. Maybe a connection to being twins with Tsukasa? ~XionXIV

Go ahead sounds like trivia to me. :)--'SilentKlarinette 23:24, June 8, 2010 (UTC)

Ok then! :3 ~XionXIV

who keeps changeing Kagami's status Edit

It keeps chageing from Alive to Deceased. And i saw all the episodes and she never died. So can some one fix this. Please and Thanks.

Update its fixed Thanks to who ever fixed.

Its things that bothers me.

Okay some jack wagon screwed up the Kagami page

Someone read this and please add it to the Kagami page that Kagami is attracted to Konata. It is canon.

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