Pandora's Box/Pandora no Hako (パンドラの箱)
Kyoto Episode21
Tsukasa and the others in Kyoto.
Episode 21
Air Date August 26, 2007
Previous Episode Ways to Spend Summer
Next Episode The Yonder Here
Lucky Star Episode

Pandora's Box is the twenty-first episode of the Lucky Star anime.

Plot SummaryEdit

Main SummaryEdit

The third-years students go on a trip to Kyoto. Tsukasa feeds deer, however, she eventually gets trampled by them. While leaving Minoru chases the bus after being forgotten. When getting off the bus Kagami finds a letter from a boy inside her bag. The note asks her to come out at night; she thinks it is a love letter, thus thinks about it all day, not even saying stuff against Konata's childish jokes. However, it turns out that the boy called Kagami in order to get a doll that he was too embarrassed to buy. The next day, Konata leads the girls on a side trip to the offices of Kyoto Animation. The next night Konata and Kagami talk, after their conversation Kagami looks at the wall and stares at the picture they took on the trip. The episode ends with Nanako preparing to play her MMO, but ends up having to fall asleep due to the fact the game's servers are down, because of maintenance.

Lucky ChannelEdit

In Lucky Channel, Minoru returns with water from Mt. Fuji in terrible condition. He gives Akira the water, but Akira spits it out and throws the bottle at him, because she hates how the water is warm. Minoru finally loses it, ranting about how tough his life is on the show while picking Akira up. Daisuke Ono then tells him that the producers had taken him off the show and this causes Minoru to become more angry. Minoru begins to tear the studio apart and knocks out two of the workers.


  • The pose which Konata and Patricia did was from the album "Cos It! Oh My Honey".

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