Episode 7 of Miyakawa-ke no Kufuku aired on June 10th 2013.


Marina catches Kazuhiko sighing and asks him why, and he replies to her about his case with Erika. Marina responds with an "Ah" and says that it's a sensitive issue and students dare not to talk to teachers about it, further worrying Kazuhiko.

At class, Yukina and Erika ask Hikage about her sister. Hikage says that Hinata is good but unsure whether she might be a good girlfriend and states that she has plans to get married, confusing Yukina and Erika.

At a cafe, while Hinata chooses a cake, Konata, Tsukasa and Kagami are at a corner picking for their recipe. Tsukasa was spoiled for the choice, and Kagami suggests that "Chocolate Cream Trés Noir" is a recommended item but confused about "Cardinal Framboise", but Tsukasa is still confused. Konata then finds a choice of hers, prompting Kagami to say about her quick choice. Then, as Hinata requests 4 slices of shortcake, Konata says that she lives with no regrets and that since they've came all this way, she decides that she has both with Kagami to decide after consulting her wallet, and Konata assures her that something should be consulted besides her wallet, and Kagami shuts her up.[[Erika Koike|

Kagami,Konata,tsukasa in cake shop


Hinata's boyfriend enters and finds her buying the cake, then remembers about Hikage's advice, then says that she wants to cheer her up and thank her for always hanging in there. Her boyfriend wonders if it will be best achieved by not spending money at all, and shocks her.

At home, Hinata was about to present the cakes when a shocked Hikage says that she normally doesn't do that and Hinata verifies that she didn't have to put it that way and that she thought about her when buying. Hikage says that is Hinata gets something so extragavant, the food she prepared would be pale in comparision. As Hinata wonders with the pressure, she suddenly remembers it's her birthday and tells Hikage about it, then shocked to see meal already prepared, and then remembers about Hikage's advices. As Hikage pours orange juice and wishes Hinata happy birthday, Hinata bursts into tears.


Characters marked with asterisks (*) are debut characters.


  • The episode aired on the week which Hinata had her birthday (June 15th).
  • Tsukasa is noticeably lacking her bow.