Meito Anizawa


Kanji Name 兄沢 命斗
Romaji Name Anizawa Meito
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Job Manager of the Animate Ikebukuro Shop
Seiyū Tomokazu Seki
Voice Actor Lex Lang
Drama CD Seiyū Tomokazu Seki
Anime Debut Episode 10

Meito Anizawa (兄沢 命斗 Anizawa Meito), also known as Anime Tenchō, is the manager of the Animate Ikebukuro shop (However, he appeared in the (old) Ōmiya shop and the comic market booth in the Anime and appeared in the Akihabara shop in the PS2 Video Game), he was originally the mascot of Animate and Hero of Anime Tenchō. 

He and his staff consider Konata Izumi their most valued customer, known as "Legendary Girl A" (伝説の少女A ,Densetsu no Shōjo A), and go to great lengths to sell their merchandise to her, often to the point of using espionage and military-style strategies, and at one point, Meito himself uses "Geass" on Konata to persuade her to buy a DVD from him; however when she tries to pay it, she fell short only three yen.


Meito Anizawa (middle) appearing in the Lucky Channel.

Their attempts usually fail miserably. His appearance is heavily stylized, compared to the other characters, and he is known for his passionate yelling and highly energetic movements and poses, mimicking cliché situations in anime where a character will make exclamations and behave erratically to typically pumping music. He appeared as a special guest during the Lucky Channel segment in episode seventeen, during which he and Minoru parody Mobile Fighter G Gundam's Domon Kasshu, referencing the fact that Meito's voice actor also played the character.

He also appeared in Let's Go to the Festival, fighting against another sales manager (about how valuable "so-called leftovers" can be after they ran out of rare and limited edition "thingies") in a dramatic way. Meito's colleagues at Animate are all similarly enthusiastic about selling their merchandise. In 2002, Gainax produced a single original video animation, where Meito Anisawa and his fellow employees are the focus.



Meito as shown in Hetalia Fantasia.

  • Meito resembles Domon Kasshu from the anime, Mobile Fighter G Gundam; (of which Shimamoto oversaw the character design) notable similarities include voice actors, red headbands, spikey black hair, and hot-blooded personality.
  • He appears in Hetalia world series: Hetalia Fantasia in the ending credits.
  • Meito has his own 2 minutes OVA, animated by Studio Gainax.

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