Lucky Star Murder Case
Lucky Star- Lucky Star Murder Case
Japanese Nameらき☆すた らき☆すた殺人事件
Raki☆Suta Raki☆Suta Satsujin Jiken

Lucky Star Murder Case, is the first of the Lucky Star Light Novels and was published on September 1st, 2007.



ゆるゆると連続殺人……ゆるゆるって!? ●あらすじ● とある日の放課後、こなた、かがみ、つかさ、みゆきさん、ゆたか、みなみ、ひよりの7人は 同人ショップ『タイガー・秋葉原1号店』にやってきていた。 そこで起きる殺人事件! 一体誰が、何のために!?

そんな中、こなたは、ふらー……っとした足取りで、物言わぬみなみの側へ歩み寄ったかと思うと。 被害者の腹部に置かれた何かを手に取って、くるりと、かがみの方を振り向いて言った。

「配布予定の中のレアカードだよ」 「今、気にするところがそれかっ!!!!」

ゆるゆると起きる連続殺人事件の真相とは!? 「ポケロリ」の竹井10日が書き下ろすオリジナル小説、いよいよ発売!

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Loose and continuous murder......

Loose!? Synopsis ● One day after school, Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki, Yutaka, Minami, Hiyori seven people It came to the same person shop "Tiger Akihabara No. 1 Shop". That's where the murder happened!

Who the heck, for what?! In such a way, Konata is a... Walked to the Minami side without saying anything.

Something placed in the victim's abdomen was taken in the hand, and it turned and said the Quruli and the Kagami. It's a rare card in a distribution plan. "Now, I care about that!!!!"

What is the truth of the loose and the serial murders that occur? "Pokeroli" is the original novel written by Takei 10 days, finally released!