Lucky Star Moe Drill

Moe Drill

Nintendo DS
Kadokawa Shoten
Release Date
December 1, 2005
Moe Drill
CERO: All ages
Saved files
Character Voice

Lucky Star Moe Drill (らき☆すた 萌えドリル ,Raki☆Suta Moe Doriru), was released on December 1, 2005 on the Nintendo DS. A limited edition game with many extras was sold called the "DX Pack" along with the regular version.Lucky Star Moe Drill is also based off a comic of the same name and promises mind-bending gameplay based off math, vocabulary and memory tests. The game includes three main modes of play. In addition to a mode where you team up with a partner character and work through a storyline, you'll also be able to compete with another player using WiFi. You can build up your character for use both in single and multi player contests.

The game features voice-acting, but since it was released two years before the anime premiered, all of the characters have different voice actors.

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