Let's Go to the Festival
Comiket Episode12
Tsukasa caught in a stampede at Comiket.
Episode 12
Air Date June 24, 2007
Previous Episode Various Ways to Spend Christmas Eve
Next Episode Delicious Day
Lucky Star Episode

Let's Go to the Festival is the twelfth episode of the Lucky Star anime.

Plot SummaryEdit

Main StoryEdit

Konata, Kagami, and Tsukasa go to Comiket 71, at the end of 2006. While Kagami can bear the massive event, Tsukasa can't take too much, being a first-timer, and is eventually unable to get what Konata asked her to pick up. Meanwhile, Kagami finished getting everything Konata needed, but was sidetracked by a yaoi manga. It appears that Akira Kogami appears, as declared in the previous episode's Lucky Channel. However, it turns out to be just a cardboard cut-out of her with a message stating that Akira cannot attend because of sudden illness. After the morning trip around Comiket, Konata meets Tsukasa and Kagami at a New Year festival and receives very bad luck in a lottery drawing. At home, Konata goes out of her way to be nice to her dad in order to receive her otoshidama. She logs in to her game to wish others a happy new year only to once again encounter her teacher online.

Konata giving Tsukasa and Kagami their maps and objectives.

Lucky ChannelEdit

Minoru is the one doing the intro. Akira is still present, but she is wearing a mask over her mouth. Minoru explains that Akira suddenly fell ill and therefore could not appear in episode twelve of Lucky Star.

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