Kiyotaka Narumi
Kanji Name 成実 きよたか
Romaji Name Narumi Kiyotaka
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Date of Birth Not Mentioned
Seiyū Noboyuki Kobushi
Voice Actor Lex Lang
Drama CD Seiyū n/a
Anime Debut Episode 3 (In a letter), Episode 11 (Or If You're Fast Enough, Episode 6)

Kiyotaka Narumi is a minor character in the Lucky Star series. He is the husband of Yui Narumi.


Kiyotaka is currently away and his only appearances throughout the series was through a phone conversation with his wife. His name, the fact that he is away working, and the fact that Yui is a cop could be a Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna homage since in Spiral, the main's character's older brother shares the same name and left his wife for work.

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