Izumi Wakase


Kanji Name 若瀬 いずみ
Romaji Name Wakase Izumi
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive (Burgundy Eye Color)
Date of Birth January 3
Blood Type B
Height 164cm
  • Unnamed Older Brother
  • Unnamed Mother
School Ryōō High School
Seiyū n/a
Voice Actor n/a
Manga Debut Manga Episode 199
Anime Debut n/a

Izumi Wakase (若瀬いずみ?) Izumi Wakase (若瀬いずみ) is a new character in the Lucky Star Manga, she first appears in volume 7.


Izumi is a girl in Hiyori's, Patricia's, Yutaka's, and Minami's class, introduced in volume seven of the manga. Like Patricia, she is also an otaku, but tries to hide it as she is an upper-class girl who is also class president. However, she runs into Hiyori on one of her shopping trips, who discovers her secret. She is good at home economics, but is bad at art. She likes "cute" things and sweets, as well as coffee and milk.



Family MembersEdit

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Older Brother
  • Pet


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