Inori Hiiragi is a minor character in the Lucky Star series. She is the daughter of Tadao and Miki Hiiragi and the oldest of the Hiiragi children. Her younger sisters are Matsuri Hiiragi, Kagami Hiiragi, and Tsukasa Hiiragi. Her parents are Miki and Tadao Hiiragi.


Inori Hiiragi has short purple-brown hair and blue-violet eyes. She is tall and has a slim physique.


Like Tsukasa, she is carefree and hardly worries about things, unlike her sisters, Matsuri and Kagami. Inori retains a calm attitude and is a mediator between her younger sisters.


Most of the time Inori plays minor roles, she is only seen when the Hiiragi's are watching television and when the story is taking place in the Hiiragi Household. Inori, like the rest of the family, is a miko at the Takanomiya Shrine. She is seen working at the shrine during the New Year's festival in Let's Go to the Festival. In Base of the Sun, Inori and her other sisters are left alone while their parents are out for a cruise.


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