I Can't Suddenly Change
Aya Episode15
Aya Hirano performing at the concert.
Episode 15
Air Date July 15, 2007
Previous Episode Under One Roof
Next Episode Ring
Lucky Star Episode

I Can't Suddenly Change is the fifteenth episode of the Lucky Star anime.

Plot SummaryEdit

Main StoryEdit

Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki go to a live concert event, Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisō, in there Konata gets blocked by a "big guy" but Kagami notice it and gives her place, at the end Konata starts to feel new feelings that she can't explain and are never elaborated on. When April Fool's Day comes around, Konata calls Kagami and tells her that she is done with her homework, and Kagami falls for it. Nakako later calls her and tells Konata she accidentally wrote over one of Konata's saved games, which makes Konata lie to Nanako about Miyuki, after falling for the April Fool's joke. Kagami asks Tsukasa if she ever fooled someone, and Tsukasa explains that she just did. When the new school year begins, Konata, Tsukasa, and Miyuki are put into the same class again, while Kagami is put into a separate class. Yutaka is in the same class as Minami, and is starting to become good friends with her.

Lucky ChannelEdit

Akira manages to scare Minoru by telling him that this was his final appearance before revealing that it was nothing more than an April Fool's joke. Akira then begins complaining as to how Minoru appeared as the MC at Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisō in the actual episode, and how she has not had a concert of her own for a while, before discovering through Minoru that the producer has actually booked a concert for her next week. Akira is ecstatic at this news.



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