Hiyori Tamura's Secret Notes is a mini-series that takes place during the first half of volume 9 of the Lucky Star Manga.


Similar to "Hiyori Tamura's Human File", the pages describe the characters and Hiyori's descriptions (with herself as "top secret"), but with the character relationships as an additional feature. Some characters such as teachers and family members are counted into a page. At the end she quotes "Girls do have a lot of secrets!"


  • Gender
  • Place of Birth
  • Birthday with Star Sign
  • Blood Type
  • Height
  • Bust Size
  • Family Members
  • Description (labelled as "Memo")
  • Character Relationships

List of CharactersEdit

  1. Konata Izumi
  2. Tsukasa Hiiragi
  3. Kagami Hiiragi
  4. Miyuki Takara
  5. Misao Kusakabe
  6. Ayano Minegishi
  7. Ko Yasaka
  8. Yamato Nagamori
  9. Tamaki Yamanobe
  10. Miku Busujima
  11. Yutaka Kobayakawa
  12. Minami Iwasaki
  13. Hiyori Tamura
  14. Patricia Martin
  15. Izumi Wakase
  16. Teachers *1
  17. Family Members *2
  18. Akira's Kingdom *3


  1. Teachers include Nanako Kuroi, Hikaru Sakuraba and Fuyuki Amahara.
  2. Family members include Izumis with Yui, Hiiragis, Yukari, Honoka and Cherry as well.
  3. Akira, Akuru, Madoka and Rinko's seperate personalities aren't described, but with only Hiyori's Memo about Akira and her friends.


  • Most of Yamato's details are unknown, especially her family members, with only Ko as her friend.
  • Kanata Izumi seems to be "a guardian angel" to Sojiro and Konata.


  • Although simpler than the previous Human File, the Secret Notes give more characters.


Coming soon!

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