Good View
Strip Information
BookLucky Star volume 5
Chapter134 - Loved One
Page Number047
Original ReleaseComptiq, August 2007
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Misao, still reeling over Konata's "dumb" and "kiddy" comments from the last two manga strips, accusses Konata of thinking that she can get away with saying anything she wants. Konata reacts to this by saying that people that are easy to figure out have a certain charm (or that they're easily manipulated). Giving a positive light to her comments about Misao being dumb and childish, she then gives an example by saying that "...Misa-kichi is the type to don a red-and-white cap and play Ultraman, right?" Misao reacts in shock, asking about the "Misa-kichi" nickname then tries to defend herself by asking the group that "...everybody does that, right?" Kagami then quickly responds by saying that "Nobody does that."