Strip Information
BookLucky Star volume 8
Chapter223 - Treasure Finding
Page Number030
Original ReleaseComptiq, February 2010
Previous StripExchanging experiences
Next StripAmazing type


Far-sighted is a strip which focuses on a conversation between Miyuki and Minami.

The strip begins- with Miyuki explaining how she suggested an idea for (presumably) a project, while Minami daydreams about the relationship in Konata's household. Specifically how both Konata and Yui are both older sisters.

When Miyuki interrupts Minami's thought by ask if Minami is okay, Minami responds with "Ah,'s nothing Onee-chan...".1 Immediately causing both of them to blush. Minami tries apologizing while Miyuki quickly begins thinking about the relationship between Konata and Yutaka, older sister and sister (Onee-chan and Yu-chan2) respectively.

Finally, Miyuki responds to Minami's apologizing by telling her: "There's certainly nothing to apologize for, Mi-chan".2 This nickname flusters Minami greatly, and while Miyuki doesn't mind the new names (as it would seem), she does remark it will likely be a long time before Minami calls her "Onee-chan" again.



  • Unknown location


  • This strip lends truth to the long alluded-to fact that Miyuki and Minami were close when they were younger.
  • The next time Minami refers to Miyuki as "Onee-chan" is during the strip Genes where Minami calls her that while talking to Yukari Takara. Subsequently, it is mentioned in the next strip when Yukari realizes what Minami called her daughter.


  1. "Onee-chan" is a honorable term in Japanese for one's older sister. It is normally reserved for family members (Yutaka and Yui), however it is also used by younger people to refer to slightly older girls who aren't necessarily related but for whom they hold a family-like relationship (Konata and Yutaka) blood-related or otherwise.
  2. A common way to make nicknames in Japan is to use the first Japanese character of a person's name and add an honorific (-chan, -san, etc.) to it. This is where Yutaka was able to get her nickname (Yu-chan, Yutaka) and where Miyuki gets the nickname for Minami (Mi-chan, Minami)

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