Strip Information
BookLucky Star volume 5
Chapter140 - Agreement and Enthusiasm
Page Number070
Original ReleaseComptiq, October 2007
Previous StripThe Face that Comes to Mind
Next StripCharge Ahead


Creativity is a strip that focuses around Misao when she falls asleep in class. During their afternoon break Kagami and Ayano discover Misao is asleep on her desk. Ayano goes to get Misao's coat to cover her with, and when she returns, Misao begins to sleep talk. As she sleeps Misao is shown talking about Ayano's older brother, who she describes as "hunky." After Misao wakes up, Ayano proceeds to ask her if she has been having any "Dark dreams" behind her back. Misao is confused by this and asks Kagami what Ayano means by this, however Kagami tells her to appologize to Ayano now and ask questions later.