Chocolate cornet

The Chocolate Cornet, as seen in the anime.

"How dare you question my Chocolate Cornets!"- Konata Izumi

The chocolate cornet is a food/item that is mentioned and discussed about in Lucky Star. The pastry, as referred to Tsukasa, looks like a seashell. To Konata, however, she believes it seems to take the shape of a caterpillar.


The chocolate cornet is a pastry with a chocolate filling. Konata Izumi is seen eating it in the first episode, leading to a topic about which end is the head. Tsukasa Hiiragi says it looks like a sea shell if the small end was the head. Konata thinks that if the fat end is the head it would resemble a caterpillar, to the discomfort of Tsukasa. The chocolate cornet is hardly referred to in the rest of the series, although Konata can often be seen eating one.