Gender Female (in the main anime); male (in the OVA); unspecified in the manga
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Date of Birth 20th October
Birthplace Chiba Prefecture
Family Iwasaki Family (Owners)
Seiyū Kujira
Voice Actor Derek Stephen Prince
Manga Debut Manga Episode 79
Anime Debut Episode 20

Cherry, or Cherry-chan as she's affectionately called, is a large white dog owned by the Iwasaki family.

About CherryEdit

Cherry lives with Minami Iwasaki and her family in their Tokyo Metropolitan home. Initially looking large and intimidating (as Hiyori Tamura put it), Cherry is actually quite placid and relaxed with the rare exception that she will growl, bark, and (comically) slap Hiyori Tamura. Cherry can often be found relaxing in the interior hallways of the Iwasaki home, or burying her food in the yard, much to Minami's dismay. Cherry apparently is indifferent to Minami while sleeping and will wake up on her own accord, however she will wake up for other people when prompted.

Cherry is first shown in the anime in episode 20, when a group of the Lucky Star girls decide to go to a fireworks event close to Miyuki and Minami's houses. They visit both girls houses and when they reach Minami's house Cherry is shown resting in the yard.

Cherry's most significant appearance in the anime is during the OVA. Where the entire first act of the OVA is centered around Cherry. It is also revealed here that Minami is worried about Cherry, because Cherry doesn't seem to be eating, instead burying her food in the Iwasaki's Yard.

One of Cherry's acts in the OVA is to try to force her head between Miyuki's legs, since this is normal for dogs to do with people they like. They try to smell said human, they sometimes pick this place as it has a strong pheromone smell, as does another dog´s butt. The amount of tries may vary between dogs as each dog has its own nature. And Cherry has only been seen to attempt this once, it is more likely this was simply a one-off joke by the creators about this common act. In the OVA, Yutaka also is playing round with Cherry when she is sleeping, singing "Cherry-chan is cute".


  • In some fansub translations of the OVA, Cherry's gender can be confusing if one only reads the subs, as they go back and forth between female and male pronouns. However, if one listens to the Japanese dialog, Cherry is affectionately called with the honorific -chan (ie: Cherry-chan), an honorific usually used for females. (But According To This Wiki Giver, -chan According To A Translator's Note, -chan Can Also Be Used For Cute Animals Or People Of Either Gender), So That Makes Cherry's Gender Up In The Air.


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