Amazing Type
Strip Information
BookLucky Star volume 8
Chapter223 - Treasure Finding
Page Number030
Original ReleaseComptiq, February 2010
Previous StripFar-sighted
Next StripCanceling Plans

Amazing Type is a Manga Strip that focuses on a conversation between Konata and Miyuki, and is a follow up to the strip Far-sighted.


Konata begins by recapping what Miyuki has just told her; that Minami had called Miyuki "Onee-chan". After this Miyuki replies that a long time ago they were close.

Miyuki then confides that it was the first time that Minami had used "...such a family-like expression..." with her, and that it made Miyuki quite happy. Miyuki then remarks that it was the first time that she had felt the pressure of being an older sister like Konata must feel everyday.

Konata on the other hand replies that, because Miyuki is so amazing, there isn't any need for her to feel any pressure (unlike, as she remarks, herself).

Miyuki then thanks Konata for her "kind words", but says that she feels that the real amazing one is the "...friendship of Yutaka-san...". Miyuki remarks that because of Yutaka there are changes in Minami everyday.

Konata next exclaimed that to receive the praise of Miyuki, Yutaka must really be amazing. To which Miyuki replies that she herself is a little jealous.

Finally, Miyuki comments to herself while looking at a picture of Konata, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Kagami Hiiragi, and herself. The words are slightly cryptic in meaning. "That's something that could be said about the whole group, you know? But it's so embarrassing to say that the words won't come out of my finished."




  • Miyuki mentions how each day, Yutaka's friendship with Minami changes Minami everyday. This is made quite apparent in volume 8 as Minami is shown much more often with a smile, something that was a rarity beforehand.

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